To gain a deeper understanding of anime’s impact on Tess, I asked her┬áthe following questions:

  • What’s your favorite anime?
  • Why did you become involved with Anime Club?
  • What are your hopes/goals for the club?
  • How has being involved with the Club affected you?

Here are Tess’ responses:

Favorite anime: Tokyo ghoul – I really enjoy darker shows so with tokyo ghoul where this one college student is thrown into chaos and now has to learn to survive not as a human but as a flesh eating creature really got me interested. I also liked seeing Kaneki Ken’s progression throughout the show. He didnt want to be catagorized as a ghoul but he slowly realized that there were other ghouls and humans willing to accept him as a friend and family…I guess for me it just ties into what I wish society could be in a sick twisted way. I wish people in the world could just accept each other and not discriminate or hate based on physical characteristics or heritage/ religion/ sexuality etc.

Why i joined anime club: I wanted to be around other people with the same interests as me; joining a club where people would easily voice that they liked something similar to me really drew me in.

┬áHopes for the [anime] club: I hope more people join but that others who had a negative connotation of what anime was begin to notice that it is just like any other cartoon shown on american television; just created in a different country with a different art style. It isnt just weird teens and college students being “otakus”.

How did the club help me: I feel like I am more comfortable starting a conversation with strangers who I have never met before. Being infront of a whole club even if it only consists of 15 people or so has boosted my confidence in myself and allowed me to practice public speaking

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Photo courtesy of Tess