“Hope is the thing” is a podcast that shares stories told by folks who spread compassion in their communities through their desire for peace, understanding and connection.

The title of this project comes from Emily Dickinson’s poem, “Hope” is the thing with feathers – (314)

This project was started by Dawn Wing, media librarian at Suffolk County Community College.  Dawn was inspired to collect and share stories of folks from Suffolk County community and elsewhere so she and others may have a better understanding of  how particular individuals around us are using their life experiences/struggles, creativity and courage to make meaningful contributions to those around them.

Got ideas or want so share our story on the podcast?  Email Dawn at scccdawn(at)gmail.com

We kick-off this podcast project with an animated trailer for our inaugural episode featuring Tess, a Suffolk Community College student, anime lover and adoptee from Korea. Click on the video below to watch the trailer: