“We should hope for the best for each other. We should want the best for each other. We should do the best for each other.” -Kenneth Hulett

In Episode 5, we listen to the poetry and commentary of Kenneth Hulett.

Listen to  Hulett’s thoughts on the greater social issues his poem touches upon here:

Kenneth Hulett is currently a student majoring in Computer Science at Queensborough Community College in NY. I met Kenneth (or Kenny as he’s usually called) through his partner, my childhood friend Emily.

During a recent visit at their home, we discussed current events and coursework Kenneth was working on. He showed me one of his assignments, a poem written for an English course focusing on literature about genocide and human injustices. That poem is called “In Line,” which is based on the Japanese American internment experience in the United States during World War II.

For this podcast episode, I asked Kenny to narrate his poem set to an animated collage of archival photographs of Japanese Americans at various internment camps across the U.S.

You may read Kenny’s original poem and explanation here > hulett_-in-line-1

Many thanks to Kenny II, Emily and Kenny III for helping spread an important, timely message of hope and compassion, and for making this episode happen.